French for “beautiful soul”

About Belle Ame Beautique

I listen, because I care
Belle ame (pronounced “belle um”) is French for “beautiful soul” and we at BELLE AME BEAUTIQUE care for you from the inside through to your outside in every way.

Established in 2017, Belle ame Beautique is a locally owned business. Bronte is down to earth and truly practice what she preaches – because she CARES!

That along with Bronte’s professionalism and knowledge in all things skin and gut health (DMK) is what makes Belle ame different.

DMK is the only paramedical skincare in the WORLD. All botanical based it is proven and our outstanding results on our many happy clients is proof to this testament.

Bronte works hand in hand with gut health, as what is happening on the inside is a reflection on what is occurring on the outside. DMK’s motto is “Changing Skin Changing Lives” and there is no skin condition, or concern, that can not be treated and rectified.

As a highly trained and extremely knowledgeable technician, Bronti is dedicated to traveling this life changing journey alongside you from your very first (complimentary) consult to the new and confident you!


BELLE AME BEAUTIQUE’s founder, manager and senior head therapist Bronti, is passionate about all skin and gut related problems and has been committed to learning all she can to accommodate the huge calling she found in this area. As a qualified Beauty Therapist with a massive following, she listened for years in the treatment rooms to her clients concerns about their skin. Determined to help, she researched and then trained to be the best skin technician she can be, working with a results driven product that is renowned worldwide – DMK.

Bronte’s extraordinary passion, dedication and expertise are the reasons why her many valued clients continue to keep walking through the door.


We conduct a complimentary thirty-minute consultation appointment prior to every client’s skin revision treatments and recommendations. Your skin will be physically examined to further assist your DMK technician in prescribing a customised and detailed DMK personalised treatment plan for you.


We revise skin back to a healthy state by treating the internal structures and functions of the skin by following the DMK motto—Remove, Rebuild, Protect & Maintain.