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Skin & Body


Level 1; Enzyme Therapy with no pre-treatment: $190 (1hr 30min)

Level 2; Enzyme Therapy with 1 pre-treatment: $220 (1hr 45min)

Level 3; Enzyme #1 or #2 & #3 with 2 pre-treatments: $280 (2hrs 15mins)

ProLift: $300 (2hrs 15mins)

Body Enzyme: from $220

Experience a facial treatment unlike any other – we make a difference by doing things differently!


The DMK Enzyme Therapy works on restoring the internal structures and functions of the skin, allowing the ability to revise ALL skin conditions, no matter the problem. We are passionate about helping you achieve your dream skin and find your confidence once more, so let us guide you on your DMK journey, the journey to healthy, dreamy skin.


There is no other treatment comparable to the Enzyme Therapy, it is the only treatment in the world to harness transfer messenger enzymes.


Enzyme Therapy is the basis of DMK’s professional Skin Revision treatments and following the concept exclusive to DMK – REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT & MAINTAIN. Designed to encourage the skin to function optimally, Enzyme Therapy is a combination of state-of-the-art botanical science and advanced technology, making it one of the most innovative skin care systems available today.


Many would describe Enzyme Therapy as the key to obtaining youthful, healthy skin. We believe skin that functions well on the inside appears healthy and vibrant on the outside. Enzyme Therapy oxygenates and detoxifies the skin, as well as revising common concerns such as:


-Acne & Congestion
-Wrinkles, fine lines & premature ageing

-Weakened facial muscles & sagging skin
-Sun damage including pigmentation & uneven skin tone

-Red reactive skin including Rosacea
-Scarring, cellulite & stretch marks
-Dermatitis, Psoriasis & Eczema
-Preparation of skin before surgery and revision post-surgery

Skin conditions that we treat at Belle Ame Beautique are not restricted to the face nor is DMK’s Enzyme Therapy. DMK’s Signature Enzyme Therapy Treatment is specifically designed to encourage the bodies skin to perform at it’s best. We treat body concerns such as:

-Keratosis Pilaris
-Body Acne
-Stretch marks
-Poor Circulation & Bruising
-Fluid Retention
-Crepe like loose skin

We can create skin revision treatments so you can love the body you live in.

BOOK in with Bronti, Bek or Laura today for your personalised skin consult and be on the way to a new you!  

* Thirty-minute Skin Consultation: $55 redeemable on product

Skin Nutrition Facial

1 Hour: $110
1/2 Hour: $65

Relax and unwind with our luxurious skin nutrition facial. Receive a tailored treatment suited to your skin needs whilst relaxing with a pressure point scalp massage and your choice of either a soothing hand and arm massage or an exfoliating foot massage.


Pamper yourself whilst delivering all of the essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that your skin needs to function optimally. Your skin will be left looking plump, dewy and youthful. Our unique transdermal delivery system distributes our blend of active ingredients deep into the epidermis allowing the nutrients to reach the right places, stimulating change at a cellular level.


Your DMK Skin Technician will prescribe you one of the following treatments based on your skin concerns:

-De-sensitising Treatment
-Biogen C De-stress Treatment
-Herbal Pigment Regulating Treatment
-Dermatox Treatment
-Sebaclear Purification Treatment

The Skin Nutrition Facial is structured differently to the traditional, spa like treatments that you may have had in the past. Our unique structure allows us to target your main skin concerns and improve the health of your skin whilst simultaneously allowing your mind and body to release any stress or tension that you may be feeling in our candle lit room, while essential oils burn and soft music plays in the background.

In order to maximise and maintain optimal skin function, regular visits and the use of correct home care products is recommended. Treat both you and your skin with a skin nutrition facial, leave feeling pampered whilst seeing and feeling visible improvements to your complexion.

1 HOUR OF Y-O-U. Relax, unwind, let us take care of you.


We conduct a thirty-minute consultation appointment prior to every client’s skin revision treatments and recommendations. Your skin will be physically examined to further assist your DMK technician in prescribing a customised and detailed DMK personalised treatment plan for you.


Thrity-minute Skin Consultation: $55 redeemable on product


We revise skin back to a healthy state by treating the internal structures and functions of the skin by following the DMK motto—Remove, Rebuild, Protect & Maintain.